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One Stop for a Better Bottom Line.


Get everything your small business needs in a single destination. so you can focus on growing your profits.


Yes, it's true!

All for $0.10 / hour

Payroll Your Employees / Temps

Full W-2 and 1099 Compliance

Unlimited Job Postings and Staffing

One Click Quick Fills

Try Employees First - No Risk or Hassle

No Direct Hire Fees

No Onboarding / Offboarding 

Time Sheets & Attendance 

Full HR Services

Built-in Quality Control

Employer of Record *

Your Single Destination for All Essential Business Needs

Hiring & Recruiting

Why invest time and money to hire FTEs who quit in a week? We provide a marketplace to hire employees without uncertainty and cost.  Leverage the gig economy and get the right people when you need them so you can maximize profits.

Time & Attendance

Our software allows you to manage employee schedules, custom build rules, and accurately monitor shift breaks to keep you in compliance.


Payroll & Tax


Our platform makes it simple to run your payroll online, and for your employees to initiate a range of self services actions. Track and manage taxes, paystubs and reports so you avoid liability, and more importantly, focus on growing your business.  

Onboarding & Offboarding

Simplify your onboarding processes by leveraging our technology and expertise. Removing the paperwork and administrative tasks saves you time and money.

HR Services

We'll guide you through questions and issues with compliance, wage & hour, employee relations, unemployment claims, legal updates, hiring, firing and more - so you avoid liability and always stay compliant.

Employer of Record

Your employees become our liability. We become the Employer of Record so we're your first defense against all employee liability and claims.

What People are Saying

"I was so pleased with the quality of  talent,  exceptional service, and cost savings using Band of Hands, that we fired our Temp Agency."

- Name at CalSpirits

"This frictionless one-stop shop solution is the disruption our antiquated talent industry needs in order to achieve our business goals."

- Rachelle Snook, Global Talent Director @ WD-40 Company

Employers stand only to gain from this new technology, and the Band of Hands’ unique solution that marries all employment and HR services seamlessly.

- Paul Falcone, HR Executive and Author

Who We Help

Our all-inclusive employment services are designed to custom-fit your needs.

Micro Businesses

Offset all liability of hiring, retaining and firing. Put your employees on our payroll for a fraction of what you're currently paying and leave the rest to us.

Small Businesses

Hiring and firing involves time, money and risk. Get unlimited job postings, recruitment and one-click fills to always get the right candidates quickly.


Offload the time, costs and burdens of having temps on your payroll. Put as many as you like on ours. Costs less than a PEO but with unlimited added benefits.

Bringing SaaS to the Human Capital world is going to be a huge disruption to the industry. This will be a major change in the century old business model.

- Cole Williamson, SVP - People & Culture Services @ Silvergate Bank

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